247 Danceforce first opened its doors for dance instruction in 1991 under the creative direction of its founder, Marcelo Pacleb. It all began in a small, two-window room in the Mapunapuna area and, at the time, only two dance classes were offered per week. But, word quickly spread about this new, up and coming, contemporary dance studio. Enrollment began to grow, as did the need for a more spacious facility.

247 Danceforce is now a growing performing arts center located in Kaneohe, Hawaii with students and dancers representing communities from across the entire State. 247 Danceforce is dedicated to offering a high quality dance education program in a supportive and nurturing environment. Further, we are committed to helping raise awareness about dance as an Art form in our surrounding communities and beyond. 247 Danceforce maintains a staff of qualified instructors who are committed to continuing their performing arts education and passing their knowledge and skill on to their students. We also have “in-training” staff that works directly with and under the tutelage of an experienced instructor.
Our approach to dance education develops attributes that will be of value to all students throughout their lifetime. These include discipline, self-respect and self-confidence, improved learning skills, creativity, self-expression, imagination, and an instilled appreciation for music, dance, and other art forms.
In addition to offering dance instruction, we provide opportunities for our dancers to perform out in the community and in professionally produced concerts during the year. They also participate in dance workshops and competitions, both locally and nationally – World of Dance, JUMP!, Urban Jamm, Tremaine’s, to name a few – and consistently earn top awards.
Many of our students have gone on to perform professionally with well-known artists such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, the Pussycat Dolls and more! Still, they continue to remain a part of our Danceforce Family, always returning home to Hawaii to share their skills and talents with our young aspiring dancers.

Mission & Goals
Mission Statement – The Backbone
24-VII Danceforce exists to continually motivate and create as a company in the art of dance and life; to always grow as individuals, becoming people of good character and integrity, always compassionate of others; to inspire others to strive for their highest potential.
Vision – The Achievement
As a result of fulfilling our Mission, we will have expanded and pushed the level of excellence in the art of dance, in the community, as well as ourselves.
Goals – The Process
• Motivate and Create – to create an environment that will release the passion and gifts of each dancer; to motivate each dancer to grow in releasing their ideas and expressing themselves through movement of dance
• Individual Growth – to provide opportunities for students to learn and grow in character and express compassion for others around them, making them well rounded individuals; learning discipline and integrity, being responsible for their own actions and decisions; helping them toward their future in whatever they choose to do
• Affect Others – to help other companies and people strive for their highest potential and live out their dreams; to hold a level of excellence and professionalism in the community that will represent 24-VII Danceforce well